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We currently manage over US$ 710 Billion USD worth of infrastructure projects around the world.

Our Focus

Cornerstone Holdings focuses on and has investments in Infrastructure such as Aerospace, defense, Aviation, Mining, Renewable energy,  Maritime, Railways, Oil & gas, Natural resources, Township, Distribution, Logistics, Telecommunication, Highways, Ports, Airports, Dams and  Tunnels, among others. 


The organisation constantly looks at various distressed opportunities across sectors to continually add diversification to our current portfolio.


Cornerstone Holdings unequivocally states that it does not solicit any funds from external investors, as it possesses sufficient resources to support its operations. Furthermore, the company does not provide or advertise any investment or investment opportunities through its website or any other platform, nor does it offer investment advice.

It is imperative to note that neither Cornerstone Holdings nor any of its principals deal in any type of securities. The company maintains a diversified investment portfolio, with holdings in various regions, including Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia.

Operating in Unprecedented Times

Cornerstone Holdings has several years of experience in taking distressed assets from their current situation to thriving, profitable businesses in the new world we live in.

We actively seek and manage opportunities in a wide variety of industries and are interested in conducting conversations with parties regarding such opportunities. 

We are actively seeking international infrastructure consultants.