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Dr. Arwa Meraikib, CEO African Continent

Dr. Arwa Meraikib

CEO African Continent

Dr. Arwa Meraikib, started her career as a Medical Doctor, then founded her own Medical Company being agent for Medical Supplies from Germany.

As a member of the Businesswomen Association in Egypt, Dr. Arwa created successful humanitarian programmes, helping the underprivileged children and illiterate women in rural areas to have access to proper education and learn handicrafts to support their livings.

She helped with the WHO Family Planning Programme and worked with the United Nation Information Centre (UNIC) to aid developing the Medical Sector in Iraq, under the UN Oil-for-Food Programme.

Dr. Arwa spent time in several African countries and established strong ties, both on the private and governmental levels; works as a Senior Consultant for several African Companies, advising them on different means of financial development, business growth and expansion.

Born in Germany and later having lived in Egypt, Dr. Arwa has a unique understanding of the diversity of cultures and its importance in understanding how to develop and maintain business relationships and seize opportunities.

Dr. Arwa, with over 20 years of experience, joined Cornerstone Holdings Corp. officially in 2022, as a Senior Consultant and Advisor for the African as well as part of the Asian regions. In 2023, Dr. Arwa was promoted to CEO of Cornerstone Holdings for African countries, leading a team of executives to develop high quality business strategies and plans that meet the corporate’s vision and goals.