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Ms. Auta Lopes, Banking & Custodian Affairs

Ms. Auta Lopes, Advisory Board Member, Banking & Custodian Affairs Cornerstone Holdings

Ms. Auta Lopes

Board of Advisor Member

Ms. Auta Lopes is a successful institutional financial consultant and marketing strategist with more than 29 years of investment experience in the financial services industry.

Lopes is the Managing Partner and Head of Business Development for 1 Ignite Capital LLC, an Atlanta-based financial services consulting firm. Her main areas of emphasis include public-private partnerships, capital strategies for real estate developers, entrepreneurs, and institutional clients. She works with corporate executives, high-net-worth individuals, and financial partners to address financing and risk management needs of her clients.

Other areas of focus include state, local governments, and international ventures. Lopes is a proactive marketer and sales professional with significant expertise in establishing long-term relationships, building coalitions, and facilitating sales directives to achieve reliable and sustainable results.

Lopes’ financial experience is vast, which has included, managing a relationship of $22 billion for a large pension fund, assisted in refinancing of $258 million for a large HBCU.

Lopes has held many board seats, she currently holds a seat as a Board Member an “Ambassador” at the Collage of Arts at Kennesaw State University.