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Dr. Abobakr Radwan, VP-Oil & Gas

Dr. Abobakr Radwan, VP-Oil & Gas

Dr. Abobakr Radwan

Board of Advisor Member

Dr. Radwan has many years of educational and industrial experience. Obtained his BS degree in Civil Engineering from Cairo University, MS from Duke University and Ph.D. In Marine Science/Ocean Engineering from N.C. State University.

He worked as an Assistant Professor of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering at Florida Tech University, Project Manager at TransOcean Drilling Contractor and Consultant of all company offshore and nearshore structures including offshore platforms, floating drilling units and port facilities at Saudi Aramco Oil Company. He chaired the company Offshore Structures Standards Committee.

He holds 2 patents at the US Patent office relating to offshore structures.

Dr. Radwan currently is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PetroTrace Geophysical company, and the Vice Chairman of Petrographics Company, both in Egypt.