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Equal Opportunities Statement

Cornerstone Holding Corp is an Equal Opportunities Company. Its policy is to take every reasonable step to ensure that no one connected to Cornerstone Holding Corp receives less favourable treatment than others, on the grounds of race, age, colour, nationality, religion, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation or responsibility for dependants.

Cornerstone Holding Corp declares, therefore, that it will introduce measures that will combat all direct or indirect discrimination in its employment practices and its provision of services. In addition, Cornerstone Holding Corp will co-operate with all other bodies that are seeking to achieve these ends.

Cornerstone Holding Corp recognises that countries such as Britain, the US, and Canada are multi-cultural societies and believes that cultural diversity positively enriches our society.

Cornerstone Holding Corp believes that no person should suffer disadvantages by reason of race or colour and we declare our intention to work with others for the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of racial justice.

In pursuit of its aims, Cornerstone Holding Corp intends to undertake a continuing review of all its policies and practice and will in particular:

  • Become more aware of racism and the problems it causes.
  • Work to ensure that the services that the organisation provides are relevant and ?accessible to all ethnic minority groups.
  • Work to ensure that Cornerstone Holding Corp staffing reflects the multi-cultural composition of our society.